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Frank Okolo Books

The Contractor

A contractor, acting on behalf of a Middle Eastern group and renegade SVR agents brings mayhem to Washington D.C. and the White House in their plot to take out the President of the United States...

One Thousand Days In The Sun

A young man in an African village wants to marry a woman he once indecently assaulted in her father’s house when they were teenagers. Now, she’s the village beauty, every man desires her, and as the Chief’s daughter she commands a high dowry. To marry her, young Thabo must learn to be a warrior, slay a marauding man-eating lion, and along the way learn the secrets of the Unclean Hut...

Journal of the Late Amelia Earhart

She disappeared in her Lockheed Electra in 1937 on a flight to Howland Island. She hasn't been seen since. But new evidence suggests she and her navigator survived longer than previously reported...