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The Contractor

Thriller · 261 pages · English (USA)


Harvey Michelson owned an FTD florist shop on Main Street, Schaumburg. He greeted the three men — two agents and a police sketch artist — from his cluttered workbench. He wore a large green apron over white paisley shirt and knit tie.

“Come into my office, gentlemen.” He dropped the flower stems and led the three men into an outer office that held files and bookcases instead of flowerpots and cymbidiums.

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One Thousand Days In The Sun

General/Mainstream Fiction · 323 · English (USA)

Chapter 1: The Flinging of the Potent Puddle

In the year Thabo came of age, a total of sixty-one boys from the four villages of Kwazi sought initiation into the ranks of full warriors. Only full warriors could marry and legally have children. To become a Kwazi warrior two hurdles must be crossed: the Antelope Run, and the ritual circumcision. For the Antelope Run the young men went out in groups of six with a Kwazi-approved dibia or witchdoctor.

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Journal of the Late Amelia Earhart

Fiction based on true story · 173 pages · English (USA)



We sleep poorly that night. Something otherworldly about all this. Like we couldn’t believe this could be happening to us. We turn the cabin of the Electra into a makeshift bedroom. Fred uses his tools to disconnect the auxiliary fuel canisters, and we throw them out on the reef, out of reach of the swells. That gives us space to sleep. The smell of aviation fuel is overwhelming, and we leave the cockpit windows part-open to provide ventilation. Fred’s the perfect gentleman, offering me the uninflated raft and the life vest as pillow. He made himself comfortable on the utilitarian floor of the sloping cabin.

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